Right and wrong

Every once in while I have these strange moments where I feel a little bit crazy. Except, its not me, but rather me watching me. These moments almost always happen when I am singing worship songs in a big group, praying for someone, closing my eyes to sing etc. In these moments I think about HOW WEIRD this whole thing is- this Christian life- and all the things that go along with it. I think about how no one in my family sings to God, lays hands on people, prays. The question that I always have is, how did God find me? The way that I first heard about Jesus and God and His love is easy, but I feel like it’s a much bigger question. Why did I understand that God loved me? Why does Jesus and His life make sense to me? Why doesn’t it make sense to other people? I have no idea any of the answers to these questions, but I do know that I am beyond grateful. I guess awe is really the right word. And even though I have no answers, and there is no logical reason why God found me- I know that it’s right…and good. Really good.
Today a friend of mine got kicked out of her place- she’s 16. She has had a rough go of it to say the very least. Everything that she has gone through has been undeserved. The people who were suppose to protect her and guide her have become voices of anger, violence and lifelessness. I know that she is perfect and beautiful in God’s eyes and I tell her that every chance I can- but I can’t help wondering , is my voice loud enough- can the voice of God drown out the voices of parents, friends, teachers, culture, herself. In times like these the darkness is so obviously dark- and wrong is so clearly wrong. It’s not that I don’t think that the light prevails- but there is something so CRAZY when the contrasts are so stark.
God has found me- and I know he has found my friend too and even though her situation is horrible and wrong- He’s in it with her…light in darkness- the right coming into the wrong. I think that is beautiful, and good, and holy.


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