friends that cheer you up. wine with roommates on mondays. nice families. new friends. being excited to go out. new adventures. old cards from people i love. getting in touch. short term anticipation. learning lessons. trusting god. hot showers. considerate hosts. red tulips. being warm and dry. refills of coffee. unexpected kindness. weekends in thunder bay. dry boots. sharing oranges. lilacs. bbqs. waking up to sunny skies and no rain. decorating new spaces. young, hip moms. sleeping beside a lake. knee slappers. captivating books. apples. retrospect. feeling healthy. covenant. double chocolate caramel brownies. forever. phone calls from family. red skies at night. singing. light at the end of the tunnel. love actually. rambling journal moments. getting into a new book. the feeling after a run. getting back on track. ipods. the cheers at the end of a toast. used book stores. newspapers. lasting friendship. meteor showers. reading on the couch on rainy days. vanilla lattes. animal crackers. still haven’t found what i’m looking for. unexpected phone calls. time well wasted. home cooking. picnics by the lake. red wine. cbc radio. tea. fun thursdays. big mugs. clothes out of the dryer. sunsets. losing track of time. ruining moments. getting it. first glimpse of the ocean. chocolate chips. clean laundry. songs on repeat. clarity. love.


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