The Small Things Baby, the Small things!

Last night I was having a beer with my great friend Nik and I had another small (or maybe an continued) revelation. I guess it’s something that I have been learning all summer- in life, the small things really matter.
We were talking about how sometimes the kind words people say, or the little things they do, are only remembered by one person. My mom has a magnet that says, “To the world you might only be one person, but to one person you might be the world.” It’s cheesy yes, but I think it’s also true. And the same can be said for our words and our actions.

I remember how my grandparents used to make my brother and I “goodie bags” for when we’d leave their house- filled with obsene amounts of fruit, rasins and homemade “granola-ish” bars. I remember the time when Laur gave me red tulips after my grandfather died. I remember how my friends made me a care package of sugar free goodness when I was on a road trip during the time where I thought I was addicted to sugar. I remember when my friend Kim called yesterday, just to see how I was doing. I remember Connor sending me countless emails to keep me company at work. I remember when Brit generously contributed towards my trip to Ecuador, even though she worked full-time for free. I remember the time when Morgan let Laur and I stay at his place and left us all sorts of nice stuff. I remember the time Steeper and Leah sent me beautiful birthdy cards. I remember when Amanda had the new Pat Robitaille cd mailed to my house. I remember the time Boo Boo gave me a booster juice card. I remember when my friends made a POSTER of my face to take to a concert that I couldn’t make it to. I remember when my Mom made me awesome dinners everynight for a YEAR- because otherwise, I resort to cereal. I remember how happy the Underground family made me every Tuesday night and how every “fam” gathering brought a little bit more joy into my world.

These are the small things- but together they equal a lot of the goodness, beauty, peace and love in my life. I don’t know if any of these times are ever thought of again by anyone else but me…but like I said before, these times have made my world. I want to remember these times and remember that the small things really do matter. It’s not an earth shattering revelation- but it’s true. We will never know how much we impact the lives of the people around us- for better and for worse. I want to be mindful of this in my daily life so that I can, hopefully, in some small way, be a part of someone else’s small moment of goodness.

I am incredibly grateful for all of the unbelievable people in my life, who with their small gestures of love and goodness, have been conduits of grace and truth.
Thank you.


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