Why oranges are better than apples

Oranges are better than apples because you can eat them in slices and and put them in your mouth so it looks like you have orange teeth.
They are better because they can be shared between friends.
They don’t turn brown when they are peeled.
Orange juice is the BEST juice-especially for breakfast.
Oranges grow in the land of sunshine.
The vitamin C keeps you from getting sick.
Oranges are better than apples.

On a completely different tangent. I am LOVING this song lately (see the words below). I feel like the words speak right to my soul. I love the imagery- I love the idea of a tree with hearts for leaves. I love how this song seems to capture the beauty of something as intangible as love- and I love the idea of “finding this feeling.” It seems so contrasted by the ideas of jobs and money- I feel like I am pretty wooed by the idea of building a sandcastle to sleep in and the idea of life being ‘painted golden’. Anyone who has experienced the beauty of love, friendship, family, friends, God, life, goodness, joy, peace- I feel like they would really “get” this song…”where love is still alive ” and where all troubles are gone and you are free to walk under open skies, build sandcastles , swim in a waterfall, climb a tree. It is my hope that you have felt this way before. That you have felt like life was painted golden just for you.

Paint it Golden

Run away from money
Quit your job and climb a tree
One with hearts instead of leaves
Build a sandcastle big enough for us to sleep
Paint it golden with the sunrise

Cause we are
Like a wingless bird
Crashing down
To the helpless earth
And if somethin’s gonna break it
See it all around you
Feel it in your body
You’ll be hiding in the shadows
Where love is still alive
‘Til all of it is burning

Through a field we’re walkin
Empty as the open sky
We escape from all the troubles
Found a waterfall and
Took a dive to cool our skin
Finally we found this feelin’

Run away from money
Quit your job and climb a tree
One with hearts instead of leaves


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