Avoiding Hibernation

I am a girl made for the summer. I love it. I love long days of sunshine and when it doesn’t get dark out until 10 pm. I love swimming in lakes and wearing shorts and playing outside. I love the crazy thunderstorms and the beach. I love eating ice cream as much as I can and wearing flip flops everyday. I love, love, love summer.

So, as winter makes her intense appearance, I can’t help but wonder how to avoid hibernation. I am not a huge fan of the winter, the cold or the snow, for that matter. I like to ski, but do it so rarely that I don’t think it counts. I don’t mind throwing some snowballs now and again, but that gets pretty old fast. I don’t enjoy scraping my car or blizzards or black ice. I don’t like how I become such a homebody. This winter, I am wondering how to avoid the incredibly strong desire to stay in bed all day and drink tea in my pajamas?! I hate the colour of my pasty skin and how my nose runs when I come in from being outside. I can’t STAND how the bottom of my pants get wet and I look like an idiot walking around campus with my jeans tucked in wool socks (you should know looking dumb is FAR better than wet pant legs all day). I fear that things are going to get even worse once the brown slush of March comes and makes everything look disgusting.

Maybe it’s ok to want to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket this season. I do want to make sure that I still get lots of exercise and sunshine this winter- so I have enough energy to watch a lot of movies and to make tea like it’s my job.

For now, I’ll dream of warmer days, beautiful Outer Banks sunsets and remember that spring will come…eventually.


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