Looking Back…

“By three methods we may learn wisdom: first, by reflection, which is noblest; second, by imitation, which is easiest; and third, by experience, which is the most bitter.” – Confucius

I read Amanda’s highlights of 2007 and felt compelled to write my own. Once again I have been reminded that life is fragile and that we must live every moment like it’s our last- it’s cliche, but it is also very true.

2007, Good to have known you…

– becoming friends with Nik, Sim and Amanda- I don’t think I understood the true meaning of friendship until I met them
– spending lots of time with the Underground Fam
-lunch dates with Brit and Mel
-trip to Chicago with work… visiting the Green Mill- a killer jazz bar
-dinners with my fam- Diane’s cooking can’t be beat and there is a whole lot of wisdom, grace and love inside of her
– valentine’s day..wedding boxes and all- definitely my favourite valentine’s day thus far
– Going to Ecuador- too many memories to mention…life changing and humbling- and daily letters from Amanda and Nik
– Social Justice conference in March- the start of good things 🙂
– Simon’s birthday
-North Carolina…again, WAY to awesome to be deduced down to one memory
-dinner in Little Italy in NYC, napping in Central park
-young adults retreat- my friends who OBVIOUSLY care a lot about me to join me- late night rendezvous at MWR
– spending lots of time with Leah
– getting over turning 24…listening to the song “24” by Switchfoot on repeat in order to do this
-eavesdropping at Greenbean “different strokes for different folks” who knew that would be such a life changing day
-doing LID with the world’s best kids- especially “extreme team xxxsh xxxsh”
-getting to know Kim better- spending loads of time with her in the summer, camp, late night sleep overs and “hitting the deck”- I am so thankful for such a beautiful friend and friendship- she has taught me what it means to be “people”
– getting to know Steep at youth camp and having lots of good “cait and steph” sleepovers- many, many laughs and steph always gives good advice
-emails from Connor that kept me SANE at work
– visits to MYW, interviews, cliffs, late drives and the spot near the train station
-youth camp- world’s best group- mysterious beard flaps!!
-PRiME..so fun…QUAKE for life with Sim
-tea and confesh with Amanda
-September FINALLY coming!
-getting to know the Ward family- so warm and welcoming!
– Apple picking- twice AND pie making…well, pie watching!
-Amanda’s birthday- minus my brutal loss at spoons and the potential domestic that ensued 🙂
-getting to know Deb, Tali, Lauren and Liane better- I feel lucky to know so many intelligent and wonderful women
– beginning- and currently winning- the lifetime challenge!
– dancing with Barrett at the youth camp reunion
-getting to hangout with Steph Seibert lots, beers at the Heuther with Dunc and Jill and just learning what it means to move beyond friendship to family.
– Matt’s birthday and the Raptor’s game
– dancing @ Franks
-Pub church- in all its forms
-dinner’s at Amanda’s- and naturally “the crown”
-getting stuck in my driveway with my new standard car and Lauren
-getting to spend time with Steph and Hayley- feels good to be back together!
-trip to Pittsburgh with Matt to visit Katie and John..the beginning of the Cranium obsession and the end of tequila- forever.
-Christmas vacation- restful, so much time with great friends, late nights and wild spontaneous dreams that although they fall through, I am thankful knowing I have such adventurous friends.
-inside jokes with my fam about “Hoov” many laughs
– my new blanket and my sock monkey- thoughtful gifts that are invaluable to me.
– learning how to crochet with my Grandma “It’s not pretty but it works”
– New Year’s eve- so chill, great friends and steph came- good times had by all…
-New years’s day (I know this is TECHNICALLY 2008) buuuuuttt- such a great way to start the year, breakfast with great friends and a full day spent with my favourite person in the world!

It was such a great year- so much happened and I learned so much. Too many experiences to mention and many tough times as well. Something is to be said for the end of a year- for being able to look back and see how, in all it’s beauty and ugliness- it changed you. We are who we are because of the past- and we look with hope at the year ahead of us and try to remember that no matter what happens, we’ll be ok…and 2008 will be just another year that further molds, challenges and inspires us.


One thought on “Looking Back…

  1. cait, this is a beautiful list and i am so honored to have been a part of your year. i can’t wait to continue being people with you this year – thank you for all the beautifulness you bring to my life.
    love you to the moon and back,

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