Holy Moments

I am stealing this idea from my beautiful friend Nik, who recently wrote a note about such things.  Here are a few things that I have been touched with lately. 
– incredible breakfasts with great friends that last till 2pm 
– meeting new people at frisbee who are  and seeing improvement
– late night ice cream
– helping to celebrate people who have been married for 25 years
– watching kids learn about God, love and life through music
– laughing with friends over lunch about funny churchy/creepy music
– making plans with Kim because she is such a great friend that I miss her when we don’t hangout enough
– playing soccer with matthew and matthew – he’s 10 and he is wayyyyy better than I am
-seeing humanity and self doubt in my advisor- even great academics question themselves once in a while
– dinner with Steph and Steph and celebrating
-watching my talented friend show off her incredible music abilities
There is so much beauty and holiness in the seemingly normal. I don’t ever want to take things like this for granted. 

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