Experiments with truth revisited…

At the beginning of 2008 I made a list of things that I wanted to work on this year and I thought I was about time that I re-examine this list to see how I am doing seeing as it’s ALMOST been half a year (crazy!!)

Here it is…

-learn and practice holding people in high regard- be less critical- give people the benefit of the doubt

hmmm- this one needs some work. I think i might be naturally critical of others and myself. This is an ugly quality and I am happy to be reminded to hold others in high regard

-don’t interrupt: learn to listen more
Again, could use more practice- although I think I have improved a bit.
-practice living with less, question all of my material desires- ask “why do I want this?”
Yes, I think I am learning this- although not by choice, but rather because I am a poor student.
-Eat out less- share more meals with friends, cook together
Definitely failing- being busy is the apparent culprit- although truthfully I know that commitment and better planning can help to eat out less.
– drive less- WAY less
Definitely driving less, mostly because I am at home in Oakville and am not in Waterloo anymore. I am looking forward to September when I will be able to walk/bus/ride my bike everywhere!
– don’t commit to people or events if you know that you can’t/ don’t want to go to
Getting better.
– read often
Just started reading Anna Karenina!
– write often
Does school count?
-re-use more- consume less
Used clothing and books…although lately Nikki has been inspiring me with her garage sale “treasures”
– be hopeful in all circumstances- even the worst. Cynicism is for the lazy… Maybe that is my biggest hope for this year- that we would be able to see the divine in everyone around us. That we would remember that life is a gift and that there is a better way to live. It is my hope that we see and practice this.
This is such a good reminder for me. Lately I’ve been stressed for OTHER people and haven’t had a lot of peace. This goal reminds me to be courageous and always on the side of hope. 


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