You are a Mirror

During my usual “check out all my favourite websites instead of writing my research paper” phase (er…long phase) of the day I came across an interesting analogy that I really liked.

When a mirror aligns itself with the sun, it can be really powerful. We are mirrors, not the source. So align yourself with the forces of the universe – Be in the way. Ask yourself, “Is everyone winning?” That is the work of God.

I like the question “is everyone winning?”- also, I like the reminded that I am not the source, that I don’t always have to be “on”- that can be exhausting.

I found this thought on this blog that I sometimes read (I am such a nerd) : Young Antibaptist Radicals (see…I am a HUGE nerd)
What can I say, I love the mennos AND the radicals.

On to more studious endeavors….
Have a good day!
(ps- Matt took this photo in NYC- I think he has a great eye!)

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