Green to Red

You know that fall is just around the corner when see that rogue little tree that decides to change colours before all of his buddies. I don’t know if these trees  are tired of the blistering sun and are looking for a long sleep or if it’s simply a gentle warning to us humans that we should soak up the last drops of warmth. I always used to think that I would enjoy living in a climate where there was basically one season…like a late spring/early summer. But I think I’ve begun to appreciate the sentiment and moods that the seasons bring. Winter, although WAY too long, allows us to bundle up and bunker down, watch movies, drink tea, go skating. Spring is a time of renewal, new life and endless optimism. Summer, is the time for lazy days and drinks on patios, it’s a time to relax and play and enjoy. Fall, kinda like spring, is generally a big time of change- the weather gets cooler, the leaves change, lots of new beginnings and new routines. 

September is always a month of newness for me- and this year is no change…new job, new town, new degree, new “normal”. 
The next two weeks are beyond busy for me- exciting and scary busy. I’m grateful for the rebel trees that turn red early reminding me to live in the moment, to appreciate where I am at today, and to begin to anticipate the changes ahead. Green is my favourite colour, but red ain’t bad. 

One thought on “Green to Red

  1. Cait,

    How are you? I’m so glad I found your blog!! I’d love to hear what’s new with you and I’m so glad to see that you are still the Cait I know and love – putting others first, questioning and taking action on how you can make systems better. You go, girl!! Hugs, Tammy

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