it’s just what we do.

I love making up silly traditions. With a group of friends- we always say the “crown of christ” grace when we eat dinner together. Amanda and I always have tea together. Kim calls me “her people” …it’s just what we do, you know? 

Another thing we (matt and i) do is make yearly books. Last year I attempted to crochet him a blanket for Christmas–hello disaster. Thankfully, I got over my pride in in April and a master crochet-er finished it for me (thanks Grandma!) 
But because I felt so guilty for not having a gift for Matt to have at Christmas- I decided to make him a book on 
It’s a fantastic website with super user friendly software that allows you to publish your own book. So I made Matt a book about the story of how we got together and added lots of pictures from the year. This year, Matt made me volume too. It’s ridiculously cheesy, but man, I love it. It’s so amazing to see a hardcopy, beautiful book full of the incredible year you had. It’s so great to read about our year from Matt’s perspective- to laugh about how a whole page got devoted to a slightly hungover breakfast in Mildmay- or “Mildamay” as Matt thought it was. These books, though we’ve only made two have most certainly become “what we do”. 
And I wouldn’t want it any other way!


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