i wish i wish i wish.

I have a LOT of excuses for being a bad/bland/unconfident cook…really a lot. Here are a few- as as child my mom was (is!) an awesome cook…she was a little weary of me in the kitchen, and as such I always got the lame jobs, like going down to the basement to get this pot or that piece of tupperware. Now, I too busy, it’s too hard to cook great for one person, it all tastes “yuck” and so on.

BUT- I love to eat. I am a great eater. I love good food and to have dinner with friends.

So, I’m changing my attitude. I’m not a bad cook, I’m an inexperienced cook with low kitchen confidence!

So, to improve my skills (and my SELF ESTEEM!) I am going to try to cook one new recipe a week- TRY being the operative word…if it’s every 10 days, I’ll be ok with that too.

One day, maybe I’ll be able to be a GOOD cook– I figure some practice never hurt anyone. 
So here I go…
Note my PREVIOUS disposition to cooking and baking…
Step # 1. Look nervous

Step # 2- pretend to that I’m a pro…

Step # 3 — looks good right?!

Step # 4: Everything  tastes better with wine!

Here’s to a new challenge- and hopefully MANY great meals- cooked by moi!