New Recipe # 1 (and 2 and 3)

I was a keener this week and made THREE new recipes. Martha Stewart watch yo’ back!

Here’s the run down.

First I made rosemary focaccia bread– it had onion and parmesan cheese on it. Delish! I would definitely make it again.
Then, Matt and I made a chicken curry recipe that I ripped out (read: stole) from a magazine at the gym (bad i know).
BUT–it was also soooo good. Spicy, creamy, hot. I would for sure make this again.

Here is a pic!

Hmm…looks a little gross- BUT…we ate all the rice so it’s just the sauce. Next time I’ll work more on “presentation”

Here is a photo of the bomb that hit Matt’s already disgusting kitchen once we were finished. 

Not to mention that after I put the leftovers in the fridge–I reopened it to grab something and splosh went the curry all over the kitchen floor. Awesome. 

Finally, I made a “leek” potato soup–but couldn’t find any leeks at the grocery store. I bought blub onions instead…needless to say, bulb onions or not, the soup is definitely mediocre. I think it’s because I am getting sick of the smell/taste of thyme. Next time I will try a completely different soup. Probably one that doesn’t need to go in the blender..because what a MESS that is. Burning soup all over my hands AND my walls. I don’t think I’d make this soup again. Although I will be eating it for lunch for the next 2 months as it made a wack-load and is taking up lots of room in my giant freezer.
For week one, I am thinking two out of three ain’t bad. 


2 thoughts on “New Recipe # 1 (and 2 and 3)

  1. Way to go! When you’re ready to move onto desserts, just let me know. I can make killer apple blossoms…

  2. hi caitlyn,
    you’re my valentines swapper, assigned by amanda of “first milk.” just wanted to drop you a line and ask if you might have any favorites (i.e. colors, fabrics, etc.).
    have a lovely tuesday, dear!

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