25 things

Lately it seems as though everyone in the land of facebook is writing those “25 things about me” lists. I must admit, I find them very interesting and read them whenever they pop up on that creepy feed. The facts about people surprise and interest me, but what I find even MORE interesting is seeing what people choose to write. You know what I mean? That’s the beauty about facebook or any sort of communication that is completely controlled by the user. Notice how no one ever writes about how they still pick their nose, have a terrible temper, or sometime act passive aggressively. The thing about these lists is that, perhaps without intention, they let us create a small, incomplete snapshot of ourselves– just the pieces that we want people to see. I know that if I were to write one of these lists I would try to make myself as mysterious and cool as possible. And because that would be a lot of work, I’m just not going to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I am definitely not judging these lists going around. Like I said, I find them interesting. I have just been reminded how much we all long to be known. I have written extensively about this topic here but can’t help but think that I didn’t quite fully get it then. Maybe we’re too scared to be REALLY known by people. Maybe that’s why we settle for incomplete lists of tightly controlled facts. I guess what I am trying to suggest is that we take a step further than these “25 things” lists and be vulnerable with the people with who we love and trust…that we take the time to listen and to see the heart of those around us. To be truly known and seen by those we love and trust is, in essence, freedom. Because if someone can know us, really know us–the ugly, the shameful, the cruel- and love us anyways, it means we’re ok. You know? Isn’t that what unconditional love is? 

As I wrote about before, I know that we are fully known by God. Depending on the day, I either find great peace in this truth or great shock. I will probably never fully grasp that God already knows all of my thoughts and actions — and loves me despite all of this. 
Your life and worth could never be expressed in 25 facts. Either could mine–and while it’s fun to read about, it’s an incomplete picture of the complexity and beauty of who you are- who we all are. 

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