There are a lot of things that I SHOULD be stressed about…like the fact that my mom is moving out of the house I lived in for 21 years in three days, or that I’m getting married in just over 6 months, or that I have an huge event to plan and run with 250 highschool aged girls in less than three weeks. 


Can I tell you what’s actually stressful? Now don’t judge….

Silly wordpress blog! Ugh- I feel like I am my grandmother attempting to work a dvd player- a task that she believes is impossible! I can’t figure out how to add a blog roll that is at the TOP of the page and it took me wayyyy to long to figure out how to upload my photos. Oh the woes of the technologically challenged!

Ugh- I know it’s silly, but I am a firm believer in the idea that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks–it’s just that I’m not an old dog…yet ANDDD these tricks arn’t coming easily. 

But alas, I am going to seek some expert advice (hi dtv!) and soon I will have a blog that I know how to work! And I can add all of my friends back as links! Weeee. 

Really, I’m glad that my lack of wordpress knowledge is my biggest worry today.

I think I might need to add the fact that I am lame enough to post about how inept I am to my list of stresses… sigh


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