things that make you say “hmmm”

I’m not even sure what to say about this– have you heard of this church?? This is the church in Kansas where the members travel around the U.S protesting at the funerals of gay murder victims, deaths relating to AIDS and soldiers killed in the Iraq war. Apparently, their newest protest going to be at the funerals of the victims from the recent plane crash in Buffalo. Classy, eh?

When I read articles about groups like this- my response varies depending on my mood. Most often I’m really, really angry that I have to share the self-given title of “Christian” with people who are so obviously filled with hate and in NO way understand God in a way similar to myself (I’m not claiming that the way I see God is right or true, but I am almost 100% sure that God never delights in hatred- and if He does, He is no God of mine). Other times, I feel sick that such hate exists in the world, and that these people, as they taunt and jeer at funeral-goers, yell their slurs in the name of God. Almost always, when I think about churches like this- I feel a bit lost– how can we counteract awful groups like this? It seems a bit like an equation to me (which is odd because I am terrible at math and I know that things that have to do with love and life rarely are formulaic) but it’s like this: if people are filling the world with hate, then those of us who have the ability to love and accept need to be even more fervent. Because the people at that awful church in Kansas are most definitely adding a lot of hate to the world so in order to counter it, more love is needed. And while it’s important to speak out and condemn acts of hate, I will most likely never utter a word to anyone protesting at the death of an innocent person. Even if I did- and I gave them an earful and told them that I think God hates what they are doing and he too is the like funeral-going mourning the loss of their loved one- I don’t think they’d even hear me. The great theologian John Mayer said once
“Is there anyone who ever remembers
changing their mind from the paint on a sign?,
is there anyone who really recalls
ever breaking rank at all
for something someone yelled real loud one time? ”

and it’s true- yelling and screaming doesn’t change minds.
But love can. And does.
So when I feel sad about these assholes in Kansas, I am going to try to be more loving, accepting, and forgiving of those people around me, in my own life. And while this will not directly change the fact that innocent families can’t mourn in peace, I have to believe that somewhere in the grand cosmos scheme of things, the mathematic equation of love and hate will tip a little more to the side of love- and to the side of God. Who loves everyone- equally… even the schmucks in Kanas.
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3 thoughts on “things that make you say “hmmm”

  1. first: uh, wow.
    second: i’m totally with you – how terrible to protest in that manner anywhere, but especially at a funeral – complete lack of respect.
    third: did you ever get the package? i would feel awful if you didn’t.

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