Blood: Mission Water (sometimes i can be impulsive…and then i fail…)

so i need your help.

Here’s why:

I found out about this really interesting (and CHALLENGING) initiative to raise money for clean drinking water in Africa.
Its called Blood:Water Mission
ok, now go look at it so I don’t need to attempt to explain it…
no, really. go look at it.
Click on THIS

The whole idea is this– 40 days, and all you can drink is water. Now, I might be crazy, because if you know me, you know that I like me some coffee and red wine…and diet coke, and tea, and delicious chocolately drinks- BUT- this seems like a pretty amazing (read: HARD) challenge.

The benefit of this is three-fold: a) you donate the money that you would have spent on other drinks to Blood: Water Mission and b) what a way to learn what it must be like to have less choice in life, even when it’s something as small as only one liquid to drink and c) what a great conversation starter — it’s an awesome way to talk about the fact that 1.4 million children per year die from lack of clean water…crazy, eh?

So, here’s what I do sometimes– I make impulse decisions and commit to things that I haven’t really thought through- and then I bomb, and quit. Ughh, and I hate quitting.

One more thing before I ask for help…
Just before I started writing this post I got an email from and it told me that they were doing a “webinar” (as in online seminar..muhahha” in honour of World Water Week..coincidence?! Who knows?

Blood: Water Mission talks about how 40 Days of Water is great for lent- and last year I gave up facebook for lent and this year I tried to give up swearing (but i’m so mediocre) and I really miss how refreshed and refocused that I felt after last year’s lenten season.

SO- I need your help.
Can you tell me what you think about this initiative? Would you consider joining me?
comment and let me know.


3 thoughts on “Blood: Mission Water (sometimes i can be impulsive…and then i fail…)

  1. Oh.. I think this one is a good challenge. I think it would be really hard to only drink water especially since in the next month alone are the following celebrations: St. Patties, my birthday and Easter.. all times I would want to drink something other then water.

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