bleary eyed

g’ morning.

very tired today. post patty’s day sleepiness.

remember how I am going to do the 40 days of Water challenge?

I was definitely reconsidering as I dragged my sleepy self out of bed this morning.
I think I’m a bit like Pavlov’s dogs- just the idea of drinking coffee makes me feel awake, not the caffeine. I tell you, I smell it brewing and I’m a tad bit happier. Maybe it’s more like crack than I’m like Pavlov’s dogs….regardless, it’s not good.

but it is so good.

And I will go without it for 40 days.
Thank GOD a few friends have told me they’d join in the fun

(achhem, fun?)

(hi friends- don’t think i’ve forgotten!)
So, the plan is – only water from April 1st till the first week in May- or whenever 40 days is up.
(I’m too afraid to look at a calendar because God Forbid if it’s May 8th? 9th? 10th? Ohhh so far away)

I’ll save all of the money that I would have spent on drinks and donate it to Blood: Water Mission and they will use my money to build wells (they’ve already built 617 wells in 11 countries)

So this whole nonsensical post is to tell you three things:
1) I’m bloody tired
2) I’m actually doing the water challenge because apparently I’m crazy
3) I really, really, really love coffee and am going to miss my morning ritual a lot.

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