debbie downer

i am a news junkie- i’m in love with CBC radio (and I don’t care if you think that the gov’t gives them too much money)

but lately, I’m a little tired of the news.

And not only because the stupid economy is in melt-down mode.
Here’s what I’ve heard as of late:
1. Woman and her daughter drown on Lake Rousseau
2. A man in Norway is on trial for enslaving, raping, and fathering the eight children of HIS DAUGHTER for TWENTY FOUR YEARS (and, fyi an incest conviction in Norway gets you ONE year in prison)
3. A helicopter crashed off the shore of Newfoundland, killing 17
4. A bus crashed in Cancun killing a Canadian couple
5. The Pope…oh the Pope. Well, he is making his first official visit to Africa (Cameroon in particular) and using his “expertise” to shame the distribution of condoms as a preventative strategy for HIV/AIDS. First off, the rest of the WORLD knows that condoms are currently the best way to combat HIV/AIDS and don’t you think it’s a little weird that a man who HAS NEVER HAD SEX is the moral authority on such a topic? Regardless, I find the whole situation sad- and apparently so does Barack Obama and the US Congress who are taking steps to do all of the b.s that the Bush administration concocted (ie- American dollars could only fund abstinence programs abroad-it fails in Arizona, why would it work elsewhere? Stephen Lewis was on CBC this morning talking about what a travesty it is that the Pope promotes a moralist approach. I believe he said something to the extent of – by not providing condoms and promoting safer sex, the Pope is essentially offering a death sentence.
ALSO- in regards to the Pope’s visit- the Int’l Herald tribune says this:

Last week security forces smashed up street stalls in an effort to clean up Yaounde for the Pope’s arrival.

“The authorities are doing everything to please the Pope to the detriment of the suffering masses,” Tchenga said.

I heard a man on the radio say that his market stall, his livelihood, was destroyed because the city had to “prepare” for the Pope’s visit- and clean up the riff-raff.

The news is so terrible lately. I wish there was a news broadcast devoted solely to good news…
and miracles.
and to stories of unsolicited kindness and generosity.
I’m sick of hearing about the Pope.

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One thought on “debbie downer

  1. me too– im sooo tired of the pope…i have decided that my catholic family and that catholics in general need to wake the eff up from their ‘in denial’ stepford wives attitude and speak up with outrage and indignance that their figure head can be THAT ass backwards.

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