it’s been a long winter…

But SPRING is here!

How many people’s facebook status’ are going to say something like:

“spring is here!”
“i love spring”
“it’s spring”
“so and so loves spring!”

original, i know.

but the first day of spring may be my third favourite day of the year, following daylight savings time (spring forward!) and my birthday, of course.
so– much like the completely unoriginal facebook status crew, I must join the chorus and say:

welcome spring- it’s STILL minus 6, but it’s damn well time you’re here!

today is the furtherest point from next winter- glory, glory – and oh and i will revel in that fact all day…
in the sunshine
walking past the grimy post-winter lawns
and the last few remaining piles of snow (still!) in the parking lot

It’s spring AND it’s a Friday.
What a wonderful day.

Enjoy it.


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