21 reasons why i love matt

1. You are as excited about getting new dishes and finding crafty “save the date” cards as I am.
2. You unashamedly dance on the street for our friends, despite your *aaachem* unique dancing style.
3. You speak so passionately about your job I have to be careful to ask you about it because I know you’ve got a lot to say.
4. You always have wise things to say when we’re talking about important things- it makes me proud to be around you, maybe some of those smarts might rub off on me!
5. You’re ambitious in all of the right ways, like playing ultimate on THREE different frisbee teams.
6. You always offer to drive your friends home.
7. You feel bad drinking my last pop.
8. You not only agree to do ridiculous things with me, like only drink water for 40 days, but you also enthusiastically promote the ideas amongst our friends.
9. You work for free to be helpful or to spent time with people.
10. You go visit my mom ‘just because’
11. You let me complain when I’m grumpy.
12. You whole heartedly love a little boy you’ve never met.
13. You call yourself a feminist.
14. You’re not afraid to call out bull sh*t.
15. When the water is shut off, you melt ice to attempt to “flush” the toilet.
16. You do the dishes and move stuff to the basement without complaining tooooooo much.
17. You take me seriously when we talk about sports.
18. You don’t judge me when I watch crapy tv or tell you about cool new blogs.
19. You’re never chinsy with “i love you”
20. I told you about the empty vase and you’ve filled mine once a month ever since.
21. You know what matters in life and I know you won’t cop out.


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