Today is my last day to drink coffee- and for some reason the pot that my co-worker made was unusually not so good today…maybe I’m cosmically getting eased out of my morning routine.

Last night was the first night I stopped dreading this 40 day water challenge. I’m pretty sure this happened for 2 reasons.
1) My friends Amanda and Miranda decided to join us in this challenge. This made me really really happy- because I was reminded about how AMAZING my community is and how I’m so lucky to surround myself with people who want to do good things in the world…also their enthusiasm for the challenge made ME excited! THEN today, I got even more news, Krista, a FABULOUS photographer from our church community sent me a note saying that her WHOLE family was going to join for a month. This is such amazing news because she has two awesome girls, 4 and 6 I think- and Madi, her 6 year old has already done a different water campaign before because she is passionate about kids having clean water in the majority world. Gah. That’s inspiring. Check out Krista’s blog post about the water challenge here.
2. The second reason I decided that this whole water only business might not be so bad occurred to me in the grocery store. Amanda and I were picking up a few things and saw the holiest of holies– the cadbury cream egg…and of course we bought one each. I don’t have to give up chocolate–and I think my love for chocolate rivals my love for coffee. I’m thinking I’m going to be okay.

So- To the Jeffersons, Miranda, Matt, Steph, Melissa and Amanda- thank you so much for agreeing to do this with me. Not only will we raise a lot more money than I would have on my own, but at least I’ll know that you’re all suffering out there without your morning diet coke/coffee/glass of wine.

Please consider checking out the work of Blood: Water Mission…no one should have to drink dirty water to survive. It’s funny to the point of being sad that I have had to “pysch” myself into this challenge- considering that MILLIONS of people don’t even have the option for CLEAN water, let alone other manufactured drinks. It makes me feel a little ashamed–I’m hoping this challenge reminds me of my privilege and ultimately teaches me to suck it up.

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3 thoughts on “water.

  1. Looking forward to doing this with you. Crazy to think this is such a sacrifice when for so many it is reality!!!

    Thanks for being so amazing and bringing issues like this to our attention. I think you are fantastic!

  2. Oh gosh, I’m such a wheiner… I don’t know if I could do it… Maybe I’ll try? I’d have to start at a later date, give myself some time to get ready…. hmmmm….

  3. I second melissa – thanks for letting us know about this Cait! Not only is it raising awareness in others and raising money … but only on my second day, i find myself constantly thinking about how can only drink water … and then constatnly thinking that i am so spoiled and there are millions out there who can only drink water … and diry water at that. This is going to be a good 40 days of reflection (and withdrawl!)

    You can do it Deb!

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