i’m a bit pathetic

Big life milestone this weekend—I FINALLY bought some curtains for my bedroom. For the past SIX months I’ve had an Ecuadorian table cloth hanging in my bedroom window and while, albeit quiet beautiful, there is something to be said about having a dark room all the time. Hurray, I’m 25 and I have my very own bedroom curtains. See? Pathetic. I know. But it gets worse.

This is a picture of what was in my fridge yesterday…
Again. Pathetic.
Let’s set the record straight. I eat fairly well. You know all 4 food groups and a healthy helping of chocolate– daily. But for some reason, I HATE grocery shopping. I HATE cooking for only one person. So add those ‘hates’ together and you get viola— le fridge.
It’s worse than a college kid’s fridge.
left over cupcake—check
month old hummus– check
creepy dark mass on the left hand side….we’re not sure what that is at this point…
margarine (?) —gosh darn golly check.
tupperware of a slimly lemon, lime and orange for water flavouring purposes–super check.

tonight I will remedy this problem with a good ole’ grocery store whooping– and by that I mean get in and out as fast as I can in the hellish parking lot saying as few swears as possible.


2 thoughts on “i’m a bit pathetic

  1. My fridge looks exactly the same. Having no other drinks in it makes it look even emptier! Cooking for one is very difficult. Maybe we will have to remedy that by having a meal together in the near future!

    How’s the water drinking going?

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