I have a confession.
try not to judge me too much, ok? ok.

I LOVE the show “The Biggest Loser”–like, I reaaaallly love it.
(ok, back to that ‘no judging’ remember?!)

I got to talking about this with a friend on the weekend and telling her why I love the show so much. I should also just mention that I’m not a fan of the name of the show–particularly because of the possible double entendre.
Here’s the thing though- I can’t watch an episode without tearing up…and it’s not even about how much weight the ‘contestants’ have lost.

I think I like the show so much because it follows the protocol for every great story ever told. It starts with a hero and this hero doesn’t understand how incredible they are or what they’re made of, or how powerful they are. The hero doesn’t see the true version of themselves. Then the face the ultimate challenge. At first, it seems insurmountable, impossible. But the hero gives it everything she has and as she ‘succeeds’ or overcomes the challenge, the hero begins to see how strong she is.

The people on this show have pushed their limits and have worked their butts off…and it shows on the outside for sure. They lose crazy amounts of weight and workout for a ridiculous amount if time every day. But what gets me every episode is how cool it is to be able to watch each person be able to start to see themselves as strong, capable and unstoppable. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that “thin” people view themselves are strong and people who are “larger” see themselves as weak, not at all. I know that weight and self-worth is an incredible complex issue that can by no means be easily divided into two categories. What I am saying, is on the show the contestants push themselves and break down their personal barriers–and it’s inspiring! One episode the participants ran a half marathon–that’s incredible! I’ve never run a half marathon…but these people are inspiring and I’m learning that I need to question the false walls that I’ve set up in my own life.

So, I’m going to continue to watch my “program” on Tuesday nights and I am going to keep cheering on the participants (from my couch no less…and I had McDonalds tonight…yum and potensh ironic?!)

annnnd not that any of you probably care, but my favourite girl went home on the show tonight…i didn’t cry, but i was sad


5 thoughts on “confesh.

  1. um, i most 100% will continue to make fun of you…and my mom.

    Coronation Street is straight up bad…it’s ALMOST as bad as…Passions!

  2. I feel I should comment – simply because I haven’t in a while. (But yet somehow I blogstalk you often…) I love your confesh. And I do care that your favourite girl went home. And I love that you call it your “program”. It makes me feel just a little bit better about being so caught up in the fake lives of people that live in Tree Hill.

  3. CAIT!!!!!

    i love the biggest loser.
    i watch it faithfully and am also very upset at the loss of Kristin. she was/is my fav.

    ron is a backstabbing a-hole, but at least he is getting his life back.

    kristin has a good shot at the 10G’s, but should be a tight race. Prediction of a winner??

  4. HA, Liane, I love that you love it toooo! It’s so touching! Kristin was my fave. I have no idea who will win…mike? tara? I am still crossing my fingers for kristin!

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