shoes are one of the most polarizing objects I can think of. One one hand, you’ve got the sex and the city fiends, who drool over thousand dollar manolo blaniks and Jimmy Choos and on the other, you’ve got a millions of people who don’t own even one pair of shoes. shoes can be a tangible expression of “us” and “them”.

This weekend our great friend Steve gave Matt and I both a pair of TOMS. Check out their website. For every pair of shoes sold, they give a pair to a person in the majority world. I can say that I have seen children running around near broken glass and playing soccer barefoot on rocky soil. In Nicaragua it’s almost pointless to give shoes to a child in the area where we were because their parents often took the shoes and sold them…not because they were mean and horrible parents, but because they needed money to feed their children. It’s not “justice” that I own 20 pairs of shoes and there are people in the world who walk miles and miles to get water barefoot. I am not usually a fan of charity capitalism ( read: gap red because it’s not really changing anything, we keep buying a sorts of sh*t we don’t need and feel “better” about our consumerist nature because at least our money is going somewhere good- or .50 cents of it is. See buy less crap for more details). However, I like TOMS one for one policy, none of this 0.05 cents of every dollar spent will go to a good “cause” or crap like that…

Our friend Miranda told us about TOMS a while ago and I checked out the website, but never bought any. But, thanks to Steve’s generosity, I can ASSURE you that if you buy a pair for a friend (or yourself) you will LOVE them. I wore them out dancing last night and on the walk to church tonight. COMFY (and ethical…I highly recommend.

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One thought on “TOMS

  1. This is so cool! I love this as an idea for a gift to give a friend or family. Great post too, I am thinking of an episode of MTV Cribs I recently saw where some celeb had like over 300 pairs of sneakers ?! So ya, this is cool 🙂

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