being pulled into my future

rob bell, in Sex God, writes about a relationship where one partner sees the other as the person that God made him or her to be. He writes about how powerful it is to be looked at not based on our past failures, our idiosyncrasies, our flaws and short comings, but rather to be gazed upon as who we really are, or at least who we are meant to be. Holy, loved, cherished, creative, beautiful, worthy, valuable, special, important.
Sometimes it’s so easy to see people for who we want them to be, or for who we think they should be. And we can use bullying and shaming tactics to try to convince the person to become more like our version of them.
rob bell writes about how it makes so much more sense to treat someone the way that we want them to be instead of using our all too familiar nagging and shaming techniques, that for some reason, never seem to work. How much better is it to use kindness and truth to pull people into their future. That, in the very act of treating them as if they were all of the good things I mentioned above, we can actually help carry each other into the future, and into more whole and truthful versions of ourselves. You follow? I think I might be all babel-y and confusing…
I say all of this, because I was thinking of the INCREDIBLE people in my own life. People larger than life, who love and give and give of themselves. Truly selfless people who make you feel beautiful by just being around them. you know those people, they radiate life and goodness. They bring joy where ever they go and are always the first to offer help and a kind word. I can’t help but think today about some of those special people in my life…who inspire me to be a kinder, more loving person. People who are pulling me into my future. People who treat me in such a way that I want desperately to live up to the way they see me.
They say that it takes a village to raise a child, but it also takes a village to sustain an adult. I am so grateful today for my friends and family who live such beautiful lives. Without people like this, I am sure that I would retreat and hibernate into the selfish person that I am so comfortable being…but with so many great examples to look to, I know that there is no where to go but forward, towards love and away from self.


3 thoughts on “being pulled into my future

  1. That was beautiful Cait thank you for writing these words, I needed to hear them & to be reminded to love people.

  2. […] I was wondering exactly what it is that makes my relationship with Matt different than with anyone else. And I realized that Matt is so special because with him, I don’t feel like I need to be anyone other than me. Booking reading, slightly anal, Marg Simpson-sounding me. But in saying that, Matt has the ability to push me to be the best version of me. Whether it’s doggedly believing in my dreams, nudging me to go further, or gently (and sometimes no soooo gently) reminding me that I can be more loving, compassionate, kind, patient, laid-back. He  pulls me into our future. […]

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