so close…


I know you’re probably sick of hearing about Blood: Water Mission and how I have been missing coffee like an addict misses crack…but seriously, we have only today, Friday and Saturday left. That’s it! I’ve been planning my return to drinks other than water from day one, but thinking about Sunday morning makes my mouth salivate…a lot!
Very excited–I’m also getting ready to donate my money that I saved because that’s half of the point, right? No way that I would drink only water for 40 days for nothing!

You don’t need to have done 40 Days of Water in order to donate– you can just click here and help give the gift right to water to a thirsty person. Even $10 would give 10 people clean water for a year. A YEAR. My friend Miranda, the blood donating queen, is quick to say that every donation of blood can save up to FOUR lives…facts like that make it almost impossible not to want to give…which we are doing today (eek, it’s been a while since i’ve donated so i’m a bit nervous!) For every dollar that we share, a person will have access to fresh water for a whole year. Doesn’t that make it hard not to give!? Please considering sharing with our brothers and sisters who are less fortunate then us. Better yet, donate and then go have a beer with friends (because you can!!) OR donate and wait until Sunday night and come have a beer with me!
Thanks for reading along on our water-only journey. I promise only ONE more post about the water challenge and how frigging GLORIOUS it will be to have a coffee and how Matt barfed after drinking 2 gallons of chocolate milk (it hasn’t happened yet, but I’m calling it now!)

And, finally–one last pitch– please consider donating. It’s super easy .

Give water to thirsty people.
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5 thoughts on “so close…

  1. pips, you amaze and inspire me everyday. i am so proud of you. thank you for being an amazing example in my life. you make me want to be better.

    1. you gave blood like a rock star!!

      thanks for introducing us to blood: water mission – it was a great experience.

      yesterday i had beer, coffee, wine, pop, smoothie and …. water!

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