betcha didn’t know…

ready for a random post?!
I don’t write about weddings too much…but I thought this was interesting-ish.
So here we go.

Mormon brides are super trendy.

ya, i know. Shocking. I’m not talking “Big Love” styles or “sister-wives” representing. I am talking about the LDS church–and let me tell you, those temples are the sites for some seriously stylish weddings. I believe that modest dress is required in an LDS temple (read: not too much skin and no bare shoulders) so LDS brides sport some type of “sleeve” on their wedding dress. I heard a stat that something like 80% of brides will wear a strapless gown– so I am thinking this ‘sleeves’ trend is pretty hip.
Any way, take a look for yourself.
via photo by
above photos by Amelia Lyon

Don’t you agree?


4 thoughts on “betcha didn’t know…

  1. Oh my goodness, you have no idea. All the money not spent on booze has to go somewhere! And I never thought of my wedding dress with sleeves as trendy…but I’ll take it 🙂

  2. from first hand experience, shannon and nick (1st photo above), were the coolest! mad style indeed; one of my favorite wedding attires, hand down. sleeves rock.

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