thank you queen victoria

i love long weekends. love. who doesn’t though? right? but for some reason, this year’s may “2-4” felt like an extra treat. i think mostly because we had nothing “long weekend-y” planned so it felt like we just got a bonus day. it was one of the best weekends i’ve had in a long time. on friday i drove up to my friend steph’s cottage. she is one of my favourite people to spend time with. we had such a great time just hanging out. she’s one of those friends that i can really just “be” with…it’s refreshing and fun and it felt so great to laugh a lot.

i came home on Saturday afternoon to find Matt sleeping after his last (!) night shift at the men’s shelter (he got a new job as an employment counsellor- and as much as he loved working at the shelter, i don’t think he’s going to miss the nightshifts!). lucky for me matt woke up when i got home and we headed out to the community garden plot that i signed us up for (sidenote: i just want to mention how grateful i am that matt is onboard for my crazy endeavors–he’s always game to come along and help and enjoy what i’m up to and quite frankly very little of the stuff that i sign us up for would be much fun without him) –so we went to our garden for the “planting day” and potluck. i was a little nervous as it was my first time and i was intimated by a prospective potluck with strangers, but let me tell you-it was better than good. we ate almost as soon as we got there. there were a number of people, families and some single people, the garden coordinator and some volunteers. two families from Bangladesh had made the most delicious samosas and some chick pea dishes. i brought a bean and pineapple salad–it’s awesome, you should try it! then we got to work, filling in our plots, all working together, kids, families, digging, spreading, planting, watering. it was great and we’re so excited to eat food we’ve grown ourselves! dgt wrote a great post on gardening and community here— and i couldn’t agree with her more!
then we had a great night on saturday with our friends steve and aaron. we made a fantastic dinner and played frisbee until the sun went down.

sunday, i volunteered matt and i to help my mom dig out a backyard garden at her new house (remember how i said that matt was always up to help?) we gardened all day, digging, bagging, sodding, planting. it was great- two people i love, the sunshine and a dog happy to chase a ball all day. we went to church and really enjoyed kristen and jason sharing. i love frwy and the people who make it what it is.
matt and i watched “nick and nora’s infinite playlist” afterwards, a very chill end to a a busy night.

finally (see how long the weekend felt?!) today i slept in, watched the lost finale, washed dinner dishes from saturday (i know, i’m a poor house-keeper) and read a book on my balcony. we met up with aaron, steve and amanda for some time at bayfront park and came back to my place for a “breakfast” dinner. i love my friends. and this long weekend. i don’t have enough fingers for all of the people that i got to spend time with this weekend. isn’t there some saying like “you are the company you keep”–oh how i hope so.

i don’t even mind heading back to work tomorrow because i feel so filled from this weekend.


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