may’s flowers

Tell me, how in the WORLD is it almost June?! Really? And, on that note, why can February or her nasty cousin March crawl by so slowly, when beautiful May rushes past like a windstorm (minus the wind, just sunshine, really). I don’t have much to say today as I’m a bit brain dead from a very busy day at work. We’re hosting a conference on Saturday and I’ve been up to my ears in documents, agendas, posters and registration forms. And, I’m co-leading a worshop on new media and political campaigns. Yup. Have I ever been involved in a campaign? That’s a no. So (HA!) we’ll see how it goes. On top of that, I’m playing ultimate twice this week, filling out an 80 question pre-marriage booklet, watching NBA playoffs, attempting to grow my own food ANNND trying to shower daily and see my friends! Phew. But, work can wait until tomorrow.

Tonight, it’s me and a glass of red wine.

I’m going to Lethbridge on a work trip next Wednesday and then I am home for a week before I go to visit my friend Rhonda in Mexico. (Sidenote: I know, I know, the SWINEEEEE *don don donnnnnn* I figure I’m pretty healthy, and heck, I’ll even try to wash my hands a LOT). I am VERY excited to go to Mexico and to see Rho’s digs. It’s a HUGE blessing how it all came about–I had booked time off work, other plans fell through, Matt got a new job and now I get to go on one big adventure. The trip is literally metaphorically costing me peanuts because I am flying from Buffalo to San Deigo and taking a bus to Ensenada! I’m so excited. I am (hopefully) going to help build a deserving family a house, go for long walks with my camera, read at the beach, practice speaking Spanish, drink margaritas and eat tacos. The next few weeks are busy. I turn 26 somewhere in there and we need to get our engagement photos taken (again, VERY excited).

I wrote about before how I told Matt about the guy who gave his wife an empty vase for Christmas and promised to fill it 12 times throughout the year–and how Matt got on board with this and I have gotten flowers every month since (he’s good!) well, here is a photo of May’s flowers that we picked up at the farmer’s market (right after some peddler tried to scam us for FIFTEEN dollars of grapes!)


One thought on “may’s flowers

  1. wooohoooo!! that’s all i can say…. so excited to share my new home & life with you dear friend!

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