hi friends,

i’m in lethbridge alberta today–and sadly, it looks a heck of a lot like this:

yes, prairie-esque a bit. You think alberta equals conservatives, beef and mountains, but no, it’s not true.

conservatives and beef, yes. but there are no mountains to be seen anywhere. and trust me, you can see really far around here. like, maybe to saskatchewan.

Lethbridge may be sans mountains, but it not with out coulees. yes, coulees. what the heck are those, you ask?
good question.

let’s see what trusty wikipedia says:

what wikipedia says….
inside out mountain hills?

I am at a work conference with women from all over the country. Very cool.
Tonight we have a wine and cheese event before dinner.
Historically, i have faired rather poorly at wine and cheese events (read: VERY poorly).
So, here’s hoping that I’ve learned the “friggin’ pace yourself” technique…
I’m about 98% sure I’ve got it mastered.


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