a very bad blogger…

i’ve been a lazy blogger this week. life is busy. full of changes and rarely a minute to sit and blog. this week, my favourite people celebrated my birth (yay!), i learned to wear contact lens, my favourite (and only) co-worker in my department resigned (it was my last day with her today-sad!) and i’ve been madly preparing for mexico. it’s been a whirlwind of a week and amidst all of it, i’ve been a little apprehensive about my travels. i think it’s partly do to my experience in lethbridge (*shudder*). my travel itinerary isn’t for the weak either: i am leaving tonight (tomorrow am?) at 3:30am for my 6:15am flight out of buffalo to washington (yes, silly and cheap to fly east to go west). transfer in d.c and flight to san deigo. cool. then, taxi to the trolley station (trolley, wee!) then trolly to the mexican border. walk–yes, walk across the border. once in mexico, i’m going to take a bus from tijuana to ensenada, where my friend Rhonda will pick me up. whew! there are a lot of steps and i’ve got my fingers crossed that i make my way a.o.k.

while i’m a bit nervous for my trek, i’ve also been sensing that this is going to be a very special time. i’m not sure why, but i just have a feeling that i’m going to learn a lot. probably mostly about myself. i’m so excited to have a week off of work and to be completely free from the expectations of others. i don’t wear much, if any, makeup but i decided that this trip i would leave all make up and uncomfortable shoes behind. i think it’s going to be lovely. and fun. and exactly what i need. a break from the ordinary is so wonderful. i’m going to read books and lay on the beach. and meet new friends. and explore. and take photos.

i think and hope that i’ll have lots of time to think and pray and blog and read.
stay tuned…

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One thought on “a very bad blogger…

  1. safe travels, friend! praying for you heaps. and i got your wonderful card in the mail and it made me smile! can’t wait to celebrate your birthday with you upon your return!

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