travel and the unknown


One of my best friends in the world is leaving for a big six week long trip on Monday. The prospect of going, or coming, leaving or adventuring, heading out into the great unknown with a million expectations and no expectations at all has made me equally contemplative and hungry for meaning and motion in the everyday, you know? (This feeling of swirly potential and wonder in the mundane could also be a biproduct of reading Anne Lamott –which I think you should do too. Really).

Anyway, so my friend is leaving on this trip of a lifetime and I am so excited for her and proud of her and I guess I just feel like I am reaping the droplets of fear and joy and anticipation that come with the unknown. Perhaps the most incredible part is, I’m not jealous or envious, and I don’t wish it was me embarking on, for lack of a less cliche word, the journey.

Once in a while (and we’re talking rarely here, people) I feel like I fully understand some of the sentiments in Bible. I understand what it means to love someone and to be so entwined in someone else’s life that I totally get to celebrate their victories and to mourn with them in the shity parts. And for some reason, today this just seems HUGE to me…like, I get it. I understand a tiny aspect of love. Part of love means sharing the ups and the downs. Stepping into the light AND the darkness.

So maybe I feel so giddy today and like my own life is so full of potential because my friend is about to leave for her trip of a lifetime and that anticipation, expectation and wonder is spilling out into my own life.

What a beautiful thing love is.

And how it changes us.

So, for the next six weeks, while my friend explores a new part of the world, I will be here, waiting in expectation for stories, pictures and updates. And life will go on and my days will undoubtedly be too full, and all the while I will get to share in an experience of travel and newness that I am geographically no where close to.

And then time will pass and it will be my time for a great adventure into the unknown and without doubt, my friends- the people who physically experience joy and sorrow with me, will be along for the ride.

Until then…back to work.

Have a wonderful weekend.



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