a few things…

Sorry blog friends for my lack of posting lately! I’ve been busy with work and life and so on. Because I’ve only got a few minutes, I thought I’d unload a couple of random and useless facts and thoughts that I thought about on the way home from work today.

1.  EVERY TIME, without fail, that I walk to or from work I have the exact same thought… “If I wasn’t walking, I would have missed ____fill in the blank_____”. Generally its a pretty garden, a cute porch, a child smiling on a bike or something else entirely charming that makes me fall in love with my neighbourhood all over again. I love where I live. 

2. I painted my bedroom this weekend as I became overwhelmingly disgusted by the pale green walls. I chose the colour quickly and worked away at it all weekend. I think it looks great! 

3. I’ve started mourning the upcoming loss of my last name. I can’t write it or say it without thinking that soon it will be nothing more than a middle name, there for sentiment, not purpose. I console myself by thinking about how my new initials are going to be “CP” and I think that sounds cool.

4. I went go karting tonight. I know. Seriously. I thought  I was going to hurl my delicious Lick’s dinner and I was wearing a short JEAN SKIRT. Not ideal for go karting. It was really fun though–in a lame, i’m-driving-around-in-a-circle- with-a-giant-helmet-on kind of way, you know?


6 thoughts on “a few things…

  1. I wrote you a note yesterday (in the mail – coming your way as we speak) and thought to myself – wow, this is probably the last time I will be sending a letter to Caitlin MacLennan… the next letter I write you will probably be to Caitlin Penman. CMac was cool – but so is CP!

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