28 is the number of days I have left being a single woman.


99% of our engagement has been an absolute pleasure. The tiny one percent that wasn’t mostly has to do with trying to find a venue over Christmas when EVERYTHING is closed and having everyone ask us “are you losing your minds yet?”

Um, no.

We are not losing our minds at all.

Instead, I think we’re a bit stuck in this crazy tension of “holy crap hurry up and get here already” and “ohmygosh28daysisnothingandbeforeweknowittherewillbesnowontheground!”


Something like that.

The couple that did our premarital counselling (coaching?) said that one of the cool things about a new marriage is that you are essentially making a new family. Even though we often think the word “family” denotes children, it doesn’t have to.

So again, with the tension piece…there is the tension between knowing that “us” will still be us and we’ll still live our lives…I don’t really buy the idea of starting a “new life together”–we’re already living our lives thank you very much! BUT there is something a bit mysterious about marriage and we will become a new family…and I think that’s pretty cool.

There is still a lot of little details to work on…like seating arrangements and favours and little details..but for the most part, we’re ready.

So 28 days it is. And then we get married and become a family. AND THEN we go to Hawaii.

28 days.


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