thank you

Tonight Matt and I are going on a “vow writing” date. Very thoughtful (and athletic and funny and generous) friends of ours gave us a GREAT surprise by giving us a card with a restaurant gift certificate inside. The card said that we were to have a date (on them!) before our wedding and we were instructed NOT to talk about the wedding. I think vow writing is ok, because vows are forever and our wedding is for 8 hours. Not talking about the wedding should be pretty easy for us because other than obnoxiously crossing things off our “to do” list, we don’t talk about it to0 much (*sidenote–yesterday Matt compared our lists and saw that I had made a VALIANT come back and he creatively tried to cross things off so our lists would have the same number of tasks left…clearly, I’ve got this one in the bag!

So, thank you dear friends for your foresight and your kindness…it was unwarranted and surprising….and will will most definitely carry on the tradition when our next set of friends get married this winter.


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