oh wordpress, you get me every time!

one of the best things about wordpress is that it tracks how people stumble across your blog. So I can see that a LOTTTT  of people click on my blog after typing “Cait McIntosh” into a search engine. HELLO DISAPPOINTMENT.  I am not said Cait. All of those poor folks find ME instead…yikes.

Anyway, I digress…

Here’s what cracked me up today.  Two things actually…HA!

1. Someone search for “honeymoon clothes” and THIS is the post that they were blessed with….let me remind you, they weren’t searching THIS blog…they were searching the WHOLE internet. Yikes.

um, awesome. I’ve picked up a few of these babies for HAWAII!

2. ALSO, another riduculous awesome search was “hot ass”- classy eh?

weeeeeeeeeelll, here is what the classy online lurker got to see…VIOLA!



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