le weekend

who ever made up the notion of 5 day work weeks, with only 2 measly days off to play, was a fool. every weekend should be a long weekend, don’t you think?

despite the fact that this weekend upon us is of the regular 2-day kind, i’m VERY much looking forward to it. one of my best friends is home from a 6 week trip and we’re having a welcome home dinner for her on Saturday night. I hope the weather is nice so we can go to the park and play frisbee and eat ice cream. besides that, matt and i have lots of last minute things to purchase, cut, tape, wrap, assemble, tie, write, email before our wedding which is in exactly one week today. how exciting is that?! no wonder why its become hard to focus at work…my mind is already focused on FUN things like sleepovers with my best friends in the entire world, dance parties, family love, matt in a VERY nice suit (holla’ back bill!) flowers, and BIG changes…like a new husband and a new name. 

of course there is always the debate about how much a relationship changes when two people get married…and being on the other  side of it for one more week, I can’t tell you whether or not that happens. what i do know for sure is that the “normalness” and “rightness” that has surrounded our entire relationship and the whole engagement process has kept me 100% calm and confident. becoming Matt’s wife (!) is the easiest ‘non-decision’ i have ever made.

so, despite my excitement for the hoopla, the love, the music, the fancy dress and party, it really feels like a normal week. even though we’ll be doing all sorts of strange things this weekend, like cutting out table numbers and tying ribbons and paying our venue more money than we’ve ever seen before!

Chores aside, weekends mean sleeping in and days free from the office.


Have a great one…


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