People who need people

Hello friends!

We’re back from our crazy two and a half week “pre-wedding, wedding, Hawaiian” party. And let me tell you, it was amazing. It was everything a day full of love should be. It’s almost hard for me to talk about the details or specifics, not because I don’t want to shake the glitter off, but rather because I lived it and felt it and there really truly aren’t words.

But I’ve been completely struck with something from the days leading up to our wedding, all the way until now. Everything surrounding our wedding was made of love. Each moment with our friends and our families were so special…so full of life and interconnectedness. So holy. 

Matt and I were talking in Hawaii about how as much as we LOVED getting the chance to get away and relax, we really really really missed our people. Don’t get me wrong, Matt and I love each other, but we are both acutely aware that we will never be each other’s everything. We are people that need other people.

That’s what community and true friendship  is all about.

Deeply needing others.

My mom has set a really good example for us. She has a lot of friends that she cares deeply for. She is there for them through thick and thin…they need her and she needs them. It seems like as we age, we have a tendency to become more and more recluse, perhaps only spending significant time with our partners or I would imagine, one’s children.

But I think in order to be happy, I need my people…people that aren’t Matt or my family (I need them too, but that’s a given). I experienced so much joy coming home from Hawaii and catching up with the important people in my life…over the phone, picking up chinese food, watching BAD movies, thrift store shopping, over dinner.

One of the most beautiful parts is that our relationships with our friends makes the bond Matt and I share even stronger. We’re more grateful, more blessed, more full.

Some friends come and go and some friendships will always hover on the surface, but I think the place where love and joy and acceptance live is in our intimate friendships, the ones where we need each other. We see  each other. Where we petition God to bless, love and heal the other person. Perhaps more importantly, we see God and we see what love and sacrifice looks like.

I think such obvious love, joy and sacrifice is what made our wedding so special…from each other, our families and our wedding parties. There was an exchanging of selves.

I have high hopes for all of our days to come, but I know for sure that our wedding, and the days leading up to it were some of the happiest of my life..and not because it was “my” day, because it wasn’t. It was “our” day–each person in that circle of need and community. It was an assurance that ultimately, love wins.

We win.

It was beautiful and so full of joy.

I am sorry that I have been such an MIA blogger…it’s so annoying when blogs never get updated. I’m happy to be back into the swing of things. I think that I’ll have more time for thinking and reading and hopefully, blogging.


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