a few more…


oh paradise. this was the view from our condo. think about the sound of waves hitting the beach, seeing sea turtles from the balcony, gorgeous sunsets everynight (we were on the western most part of the island!) and warm white sand. it really was glorious

one day driving home from the north shore we saw the most spectacular FULL DOUBLE rainbow…that’s right two. All of these cars pulled off of the road to take photos. So did we. It was definitely a reminder to take time to pull over, to stop, to take pictures, and to be in awe.

then there was the time that matt “broke” the dishwasher. and i was all like, lets call the maintenance people, and matt was all like, no, no.
do you want to know why?
what he eventually told me after soaking up loads of water and bubbles of off the floor?
he put dish soap in to add a little “boost” to the dishwasher soap.
yeah, i know.
but get this….HE DID IT TWICE.
he spent a lot of time wringing out towels, to say the least.

really, at the end of the day (or 12 days really) i just felt so fortunate to get to spend time relaxing, reading, swimming, hiking, surfing with my new husband.


3 thoughts on “a few more…

  1. Great pictures Cait… I am glad that you and Matt got the oppurtunity to relax and enjoy your time together. Looks like the two of you were able to experience some pretty cool things–double rainbows and sea turtles etc..

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