further down the road

I started this blog in 2007 on different site, with a different URL…but it was then- and still is called “further down the road”. The name comes from a song by Bernard Fanning. Here are the lyrics:

I’m not afraid to say
I’ve had my ups and downs
On any other day
I’d run me out of town
Now I’m standing in the middle of a good dream
Try’n to figure what I do and don’t need
Hoping I can give myself a good chance
Not too proud to show the spirit that I once had I

I guess we’ll wait for the night to fall
we’ll Sleep right through to the breaking dawn
I guess we’ll find out further down the road

Will I have the strength to take
the opportunity when it comes
Am I laid to waste if I lose my nerve and run
Now I’m standing in the middle of a good dream
waiting on a number that I can’t reach
Hoping I can give myself a good chance
And not too proud to say I’d love a little romance

Ooh well I never let love sink its claws in me
Ooh all I ever asked was happiness for you
This feeling’s worth its weight in gold
Just Praying for it to unfold
I guess we’ll find out further down the road

What I love so much about this song  is the part about how life really does exist on a continuum of time…and as hard as we try (some people more than others) to know what’s in our future, or how things are going to unfold, we really can’t. As humans there is a LOT in life that we have absolutely no control over. Some days I love this…and some days I hate this.

Perhaps more importantly I really like that sometimes on this proverbial unknown “road” that we call life–the same people are with us, even years later. I was reminded of this last night having dinner with two of my old housemates from undergrad. It was such a good night-laughing, talking, and without naming it, discussing the very “road” that I’m talking about. It is such an honour to get to witness someone’s life unfold…through marriage, vet school, maturing faith, new relationships. In 2002, when we started university, we had no ide where we’d end up…and last night it was so cool to have a “oh look where life has taken us” moment.

I am learning more and more it’s the people and the relationships in our lives that matter the most. I know that when I die I am never going to look back on my life and wish that I had not invested in friendships, in love, in community. All of the other things–careers, stuff, successes and accomplishments…those are thing things that we spend soooooo much time thinking about, spending money on, working towards…but for what?

This “road” of life is full of hairpin turns and blind corners. And a lot of what I come across, I won’t be able to control…but where I do have control is with the people I choose to walk with, to let in, to love, to be challenged by and encouraged by and so on.

God laughs and loves and cries through people. We interact with the divine through our interactions with each other. This is where confidence comes from. Remembering this is what  helps to answer Bernard Fanning’s question “will i have the strength to take opportunity when it comes”  and perhaps all of my questions too.  Maybe all I need to know for now is this: where I’m going is not nearly as important as who I am going with. 


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