Matt and I are embarking on a new (strict!) budget today till..well…we’re not sure yet. We’ve got some pretty exciting plans in store but to get there we’re going to need to be diligent savers. Plus, we’re really trying to be wiser with our money–to not buy a lot of stuff for the sake of buying stuff, to be more generous, etc. So October 1st (today!) is officially the first day of our new budget.

*And I have a small confession to make…since we’ve been staying at my Mom’s place (she’s vacationing in sunny Portual!) I’ve had to drive to work..and of course am REALLY rushed (feed the cats and the dog, let him pee, blah blah…we’re NOT ready for animals!) So here is am rushing out the door every morning, half conscious…and what do I do. I stop at Tim Hortons and buy coffee…almost every morning. Ugh…and I am so sad because I have a coffee maker at work…I just need to bring milk! The worst part, besides being a TOTAL waste of money is that the stupid cups are SO bad for the environment. I have a NUMBER of reusable cups too. sigh. Good thing we move home on Sunday–no more tempting Tim Hortons!

Ok- so we’re budgeting and I pumped about it because I love lists and tracking things and making progress.

BUT it means no random shopping…so I thought I’d post a few of the fun fall things that I will not be buying this year!

Just click on the photo to take you to the site:

il_fullxfull.93036688Don’t these look so cozy?! And I love mustard!

il_430xN.90356977hello, cute card.

il_430xN.93611250very fun for a night in with friends

il_430xN.73708529this dress would be nice for fall with some tights

il_430xN.59800582I would like to hang this on the wall to remember summer until she comes again


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