tonight is the first night in 5 and a half weeks that matt and i have slept in our own bed two nights in a row. let me tell you–it’s bliss.

the last three weeks we were housing sitting at my mom’s place with these fury faces:


morrie is a really sweet dog–but i think he was a bit depressed missing my mom…and he has allergies, which equalled a vet visit….and he gets up between 5-6 am…yawwwwwn.
this is moo–he’s technically my brother evan’s cat. for the first oh…year, or so of his life, everyone thought he was a girl (the cat, not my brother)…think pinked sequined collar.
and finally, last but definitely not least–molly. THIS is the cat that ran away and left me in tears thinking we’d “killed her”. she came home and after we coerced her out from under the deck (think stomping on it…) she received a stern talking to.

maybe one day we’ll be animal people but right now…we really, really aren’t. we’re not responsible to go home every x number of hours to let out the dog, or pick up a poop on a daily basis. no thank you. three weeks was PLENTY long enough. maybe one day….when we’re more “settled” and are prepared to leave parties early to “get home to the pets”.

so, we’re home. and today, as i was walking home from work, on a monday that was far from horrible, i couldn’t have been happier. i love our neighbourhood. the runners, the kids with their backpacks, the lavender, the pumpkins on porches, the sun, simply being able to walk home after work–the fresh air the time to decompress, our co-op with our oh-so-awful “garden”, our balcony with the “view”. i love it all.



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