A terrible, horrible, no good, VERY bad day

Yesterday, Sunday, started off as a lovely day– and had the potential to be one of those perfect Sundays, the rare mix of pleasure and rest.

However, it did NOT turn out as planned…here is a list of things that went wrong yesterday…

1. I dropped a contact down the drain

2. The first few minutes of our ultimate game were REALLY bad

3. Then Matt tried to catch a really high disc and landed funny on his ankle

4. After some swearing and getting helped off of the field, Matt’s ankle swelled A LOT …really fast. It looked bad.

5. Then we drove to the ER for x-rays.

[side note] Let me tell you HOW very bad the ER was….we’re not stupid, we knew that going to an emergency room during the stupid H1N1 outbreak was not going to be a walk in the park…but I think we were both surprised at HOW VERY BAD IT WAS.

There were people everywhere wearing surgical masks. We had to a take a number JUST to see a triage nurse…that took maybe 45 minutes. There were some tears (of other people) in the triage room…a very sick looking pregnant lady and a very ill-looking older man were probably the worst. The when we finally saw the triage nurse, she told us that if we didn’t have H1N1 yet, we likely would as almost ALL of the people in the waiting room had it.


THEN we waited for 6 hours in a larger waiting room for the doctor to READ the x-ray. SIX HOURS. There were people crying and there were other people who looked like death…actually. It was AWFUL. Luckily for Matt, they had a football game on the tv…so that was “good”.

I went grocery shopping around 6 (Matt was still waiting to see a doctor).

Back to the list of bad things…

6. After racing through the grocery store, there were police cars blocking off all access to our street…more than 6 cops cars and union gas trucks. Awesome.

I finally found a way to get to the co-op and the schelped all of the groceries up stairs.

7. The Matt said he was ready to come home so I drove back to get him, but plans and changed and he wasn’t ready to get picked up right yet, so I decided to find street parking (we’d already paid $20) –Number 7 was my BAD parking job..it’s really hard to park a buick. I think I almost cried as I adjusted my wheels 6000 times.

8. The hospital had no air casts for Matt (soft tissue damage, no break) – so we drove to two shoppers drug marts, which of course didn’t have what we needed.

9. The we got home and had THREE large loads of laundry to fold- ANDDDD a bunch of my clothes turned pink after we washed a tie-died sheet in with our “colours” – Matt lost ONE SOCK to the pink monster…I lost a LOT more than that. Again, awesome.

10. I lost a contact. Again. Except this time it might be in my eye still. Sigh. I have no idea. I went to take it out and it simply wasn’t there. I am hoping it fell out a some point.

Needless to say, those 10 things made for a pretty brutal Sunday. We missed church and our game and spending time with our friends. Matt isn’t allowed to run or play any sports for 6 weeks and he has to see a physiotherapist.

But..it could be worse. We could have been mother, who was all by herself, with her very sick little girl and very bored (but well-behaved son) who sat in the waiting room longer than us. Or we could have been the very sick woman who kept crying and later was getting pumped with morphine. Or we could have been the younger woman who was there all alone was barely holding it together.

or…we could come down with H1N1 in the next week after sitting in a room with 40+ sick people.

Here’s hoping we have strong immune systems…because I’m not sure I can handle adding number 11 to the list.


3 thoughts on “A terrible, horrible, no good, VERY bad day

  1. That is my favourite children’s book…..but definitely not a fun experience for you! I am so sorry to hear about your terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day! Thinking about you guys!!!!

  2. That totally sucks.
    At least the next few days should feel like paradise in comparison!
    Tell Matt I hope he heals fast.

    – Dave

  3. That is ALSO my all time favourite book.

    It could have been worse … your ice cream could have fallen off its cone and landed in australlia!

    Kidding. what a rough day. Missed you at church. Hope this week has started out better Cait.

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