hell house

I was walking to work this morning, coffee in hand, listening to my favourite podcast (yes, i have a favourite podcast, and it’s not grammar girl thank you very much…that’s my 2nd favourite.

Back to my walk..so there I am, walking on a crisp, beautiful fall morning. The TAL episode is called “devil on my shoulder”- I think that it could be interesting…and it was.

In  a VERY BAD way.

[warning: I’m going to rant about Christians again…like i did here, here, and here]

Ok, so the episode guide for ‘Devil on my Shoulder” is here. It was the first segment that was SO disturbing…It’s about a church in Texas that creates a “Hell House” every year…except this isn’t your typical haunted house. The “hell house” is meant to “save” souls and includes scenes such as a bloody abortion, a gay man dying from AIDS, the columbine shooting (the first Hell House debuted only two months after the real shooting), domestic violence and suicide. Yeah, it’s that bad.

I’m technologically inept today and can’t figure out how to link the trailer for the documentary… click here to watch the trailer for a documentary about this MESSED up “outreach”.

Here are some addition facts that I learned from the podcast:

1. Apparently loads of the youth group kids “audition” for roles in Hell House…the most popular are the abortions, the suicides and the shooters. No one wants to be the saintly characters…apparently they have to hunt for someone to play Jesus.

2. After the “show” there are Oscar type awards for the actors “best shooter” “best raver” “best abortion”

3. After a group tours Hell House they are taken into a room where they have SIX SECONDS to decide if they want to follow Jesus and go to heaven or if they want to burn in Hell. SIX SECONDS. And, of course, there are people to pray with those who want to give their hearts to Jesus. There are a lot of tears at this point.

4. This church created a kit so that other churches (and some secular groups!) could save souls too. How entrepreneurial of them.

What makes me so upset about this, is that these people claim to follow the God of Peace…the Jesus who loved the lowly, the poor, the sinners. Jesus who never hurt or shamed anyone. I cannot comprehend how any Christian can think this is ok….that these scare tactics do any good…that they are bringing God’s kingdom to earth. In fact what they are doing is adding hatred, fear and anxiety. They are isolating and shaming, hating and  mocking.

I am going to write them a letter to tell them that I think what they are doing is wrong and hateful.

If you’re interested here is the contact info

It’s atrocious.


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