A whole Lotta’ nada

It’s high time for a new post but unfortunately  luckily for you’ve I’ve been lacking any coherent/interesting thoughts lately so you’re going to get a grab bag of some recent happenings. Apologies  Yay!

So first things first. I was on the local cable tv station yesterday talking about a women’s group that I work with. It was a short, almost painless segment with only a few asinine comments from yours truly but there was ONE really BAD THING…I completely forgot about the tv interview when I went in to work and guess what I was wearing…A NORTHERN REFLECTIONS shirt that I got from VV. WITH HOLLY ON IT.

Sigh. Ya. I’m so lame. Northern Reflections…I guess it could have been worse…I could have been wearing a Northern Getaway printed sweatshirt with the spice kitties on it or a pumpkin scene or something.

In other news, I am taking a yoga class with a woman that comes in to help me around the office twice a week. She’s such a nice, warm person and it was so awesome to see her in HER environment- teaching yoga! Her dream is  to have her own studio one day- and I definitely think she will. For now, she teaching her classes in an old United Church in my neighbourhood- in the LAWN bowling room, no less. The smell of the church reminded me so much of growing up and youth group and the way camp smelled. Surprisingly though, the  lawn bowling room smelled like delicious lavender. The class was 90 minutes, but went by SO fast. I felt really relaxed when it was over! I can’t wait until next Monday.

My wayward husband and I went to a wedding this week of two of our good friends. The wedding was beautiful and holy and truly lovely- I think I was crying while the bridesmaids walked down the aisle- not sure when I turned into such a sap… I guess I just love love. Anyway- the wedding was great but my favourite part was Matt’s HARDCORE dancing- on his very injured ankle. I think the “liquid pain killer” helped him a lot but man, he was hilarious. He started a limbo with his tie…and if you know Matt- you can just IMAGINE how awesome his dancing was. I love him.

And finally, because I love this idea and think that we ALL need a little reminding, some Jean Vanier for you:

What is important is that each of us begins to trust in our own beauty and our capacity to do beautiful things…when we begin to believe that there is greater joy in working with and for others, rather than just for ourselves, then society will truly become a place of celebration.

Amen, eh?



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