meal planning

In the tradition of saving money,eating healthy and wasting less food, Matt and I have instituted some meal planning to help us to eat creatively and to make our my grocery shopping experience  more managable.

So we added “meals” to our weekly chores that need to get done (note: we try to do most chores weekly…doesn’t always happen!) I generally end up with this task (sure beats cleaning the bathroom!) We  figure out how many “normal” dinners we’ll have at home. Thursdays are always out because we have a weekly potluck with our friends from frwy who live in our neighbourhood. Mondays I have yoga, so we be sure to include one fairly quick recipe. And we take into account that we usually go out for dinner one of the nights on the weekend.

So sometime each weekend I plan 4-5 dinners for us to make and eat together. The fun part about meal planning is the new recipes that we try every week. Some, we love…and others are definitely a one time only deal. I think we save money by knowing exactly what we need to buy at the grocery store-not to mention time! I used to wander aimlessly around the store forEVER and then end up eating the same old plain food.

So, without further ado, here are some of my favourite food blogs that inspire me to make delicious, nutritious and homemade meals…together!


We LOVE this blog…all vegetarian, beuatiful food photography . We’ve never made something from this site that wasn’t beyond delicious..

some faves: mango-avocado black bean salad,baked brie, Pineapple and Red Pepper Salad with Black-Eyed Peas

Smitten Kitchen

I wish I was more of a baker…because the treats on this blog look TO DIE FOR…and again, gorgeous food photography

O Pistachio

Why, hello gorgeous gourmet recipes…almost too pretty to eat!

Lottie + Doof

This is a new find for me. I love the simplistic layout and I saw a recipe for bake feta and think I’m in love!

And because every post is better with a picture…here’s a few of Matt my favourite cook!

note: disgusting kitchen lives at matt’s old house, ward.

i love the ward boys but seriously, it was one germ-filled, gross house

they’ve all moved on to bigger and cleaner things.


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