Our first Christmas tree

This has to be a mentionable milestone- last night we decorated our FIRST Christmas tree. It’s the first time both of us has ever had our “own” tree that wasn’t our family’s. It’s a little sparse, but it’s all ours. I’m so excited for Christmas this year…maybe though it’s just that I found some beautiful (free!) Christmas music  (I checked, to see if it’s still being offered for free, but it’s now $5, although worth every penny in my opinion. I don’t know about you but I really hate “I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” and some of the other CHEESY Christmas music out there. My excitement around Christmas this year could also be from the “holiday drinks” at Starbucks which would make us very poor, if I had my way. Most of all, I just love the togetherness. Today we have my FAVOURITE frwy event, where we all head over to one family’s house and BAKE BAKE BAKE. Everyone brings $5 and you bake like it’s your J.O.B. and then you get to take a little bit of everything home. Last year, Matt and I even won a prize for our cookies. AHmazing. This year, following some trash talk about how we’re going to get “taken down”  in the baking contest…we’re going to bring a knockout peanut butter-chocolate shortbread cookie recipe. DEE-lish.

Before all the fun, Oliver and I are going on a six mile run (I’ve overcome a fear!) and we’ve got to bag some leaves at our annual fall co-op clean up. Talk about delayed gratification!

Have a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Our first Christmas tree

  1. i wish i was there to bake with you! but you’re totally going to win with your amazing recipe! have an awesome weekend, my pips. ox

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