On being a Christian at Christmas

Here are some previous thoughts I’ve had on Christmas time and such

Christmas, at it’s heart is about new beginnings.

It’s about change. About everything changing.

It’s about a baby being born into the world- innocent, vulnerable, helpless…

It’s about the hope and renewed faith that comes with the birth of a child.

It’s about poverty and being either “in” or “out”- it’s about making due in a barn.

It’s about an unwed, refugee teen…who finds herself pregnant.

It’s about making something beautiful out of something so broken.




Even if it’s only the light from the stars.

It’s about when the whole world was turned upside down.

When “love wins” began.

While the shepherds tended their flocks and the magi’s made potions and predictions.

Christmas is a birthday party. A celebration of lights and love and giving.

It’s a time to eat a lot of brie, to drink wine, to see old friends, to bake.

A time to miss those who aren’t with us any more.

It’s the birth of the man who saves us- born as a child. Who died on a cross so that when we cry out to God in our darkest moments, He knows. A loss so huge, a weight so unbearable.

He knows.

The cross is Gods way of crying with us when we weep.

The cross is how we know that death cannot concur love, the violence cannot take away our peace.

And Christmas is the beginning of all of it….seemingly insignificant.

The start of something new and the celebration eternity in the making.


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