2009 in pictures!

2009 in NO particular order (despite some serious attempts on my part!)

Ev, Mom and I on my wedding day!

Chopper tour of Oahu!


On a tour of the pineapple factory in Hawaii

Then we house sat for THREE weeks. We lost our sanity and one cat. She returned triumphantly

On a beautiful and fun thanksgiving hike

Fam jam at thanksgiving

Wine and Cheese in December

More toasting at Ken and Liane’s wedding on Dec 19th

I had a really great birthday party in June

A good-bye bbq for amanda in July

we tied the knot in August

With the best friends anyone could ask for…

I took a photo class and Matt was my unwilling subject

we took winter and summer trips up north

Matt continued to fill my flower vase once a month

we took photos with friends

And performed in a v-day production

got a few strikes

Played in the park

Another month, more flowers!

I was fortunate enough to go to Mexico to visit a wonderful friend and meet incredible people

Mexican food in Mexico= to DIE for

A family got a new house.

More quality time with good people

Tight costumes from my birthday!

We celebrate Christmas together.

Ollie and I ran a 10 mile race and crossed the finish line smiling!

Did I mention that the day we got married was a really happy one?

Phew. That’s a lot of photos. Being reflective  (uploading 8 million photos) takes LOT of patience.


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